1. What is the Dewa Partners Affiliates program?
2. How does Dewa Partners Affiliates work?
3. Does it cost me anything to become an affiliate?
4. How do I register to become a Dewa Partners Affiliates partner?
5. Do you accept affiliates from the US?
6. What are the website content requirements to be accepted as an affiliate?
7. How long will it take for my application to be reviewed?
8. Can I participate in more than one affiliate program?
Dewa Partners Affiliates program is the official affiliate program associated with Dewabet.
Dewa Partners Affiliates allows you to make money by referring players to our websites. You may do this by placing links on your site.
No. Joining Dewa Partners Affiliates is absolutely free.
At the home page of our website (Dewapartners.com), click the Sign Up button on the top right corner of the page. Then, fill out the form completely and submit. Once we receive your information, our affiliate manager will contact you right away.
Yes. We accept affiliates from all over the world.
We have no specific website content requirements as long as you follow our terms and conditions.
We will review your application within 24 hours and we’ll send you an email once approved.
Yes, you are allowed to join other affiliate programs.
10. What are the available types of commission?
11. What happens if I refer a player from outside the designated country for a license?
12. How much money can I earn with Dewa Partners Affiliates Program?
13. What do I get paid for?
14. How often do I get paid?
15. What are my payment method options?
16. How do I know how much commission I have earned?
17. What is a sub-affiliate?
18. How much can I earn from sub-affiliates?
19. How do I register a sub-affiliate?
20. Can I track the activity of my sub-affiliates?
21. As a new affiliate, what commission will I get?
We provide silver, bronze, gold and platinum revenue share to our partners.
The player can still play and make transactions with us as long as he/she has a local bank or has an Online Moneybookers account.
Enjoy limitless earnings with lifetime commission for every registered player.
You will get paid based on your subscription plan.
We will do the settlement on a monthly basis, you will receive your commission payment during the first week of the month.
You may get your commission payment thru local banking fund transfer or via Online Moneybookers.
You may check earning report via the Dewa Partners affiliate backend, the report illustrates the commission earned for your channel.
Sub-affiliate is the affiliate who joined our affiliate program that being referred by you.
You may able to earn 5%-10% from your sub-affiliates without deducting anything from your sub-affiliates.
Choose Sub Affiliate Signup in Dewa Partners to get register link, affiliate that signup by that link will be under your sub-affiliate.
Yes, we provide different statistic reports to enable you track your affiliates and sub affiliates activities respectively.
You will get 28% or 35% revenue share which is our standard type for newly registered affiliates and if your network really goes well then we can upgrade it anytime.
22. I forgot my password.
23. How do I change my personal account details?
24. I cannot access my affiliate account, I don’t know my username.
25. How do I change my account’s payment method?
26. Where can I get my Marketing Tools?
27. How can I request for a special banner for my site?
28. What type of marketing materials will I be provided with?
29. Can I create my own banners?
Log in to your affiliate backend and select Banner or Tracking Link tab, and you will be able to access your marketing tools from there.
Just send your request to our Affiliate Managers and our development team will assist you to create a special banner that perfectly suits your website.
GIF Banners, Direct Promotional Links and also Offline Codes.
Yes, you can. After creating your own banner you can ask us to upload it into the system. And you can also ask our professional team to create the banners based on your request.
30. Where can I get updates on news and promotions?
31. Where can I get support?
32. What are the support working hours?
You can contact us directly via our Email/Skype or you may visit our Social Media platforms such us Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, etc. for updates.
Kindly contact country affiliate manager via Skype/Email .We are happy to assist you anytime.
You may contact us during our working hours from 10:00am to 20:00pm (GMT+8) Mondays to Friday. In case of urgent concern we will try our best to give you support anytime.